Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems

Gaseous fire suppression systems use chemical agents to suppress fire. These systems deploy the agent rapidly to break the chemical reaction causing fire. When it comes to protecting your Internet Technology or electronic equipment, gaseous fire suppression systems are recommended. With a gas tight enclosure your agent will be most effective.AS1851-2012 requires an Enclosure Integrity Test annually to verify the enclosures ability to hold your agent. Region West Fire Control offers a comprehensive range of gaseous agent fire extinguishing systems suitable for all kinds of hazards and situations in commercial and industrial applications. From a periodic fan integrity testing to routine maintenance of your gaseous suppression system, our technicians can assist.

Should your asset be protected by an agent listed?

From the FPAA:

"’Scheduled’ fire protection industry extinguishing agents are those listed in Schedule 1 of the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989. If your site poses ‘scheduled’ extinguishing agents, by law, those servicing such a system are required to hold an appropriate Extinguishing Agent Handling Licence (EAHL). Individuals who handle or work with any fire protection equipment, where such activities may cause an emission of scheduled ODS and SGG extinguishing agents (including Halon), must hold an extinguishing agent handling licence (EAHL). Refer our listing…….. "

If an Extinguishing Agent Handling License (EAHL) is required for your site, whatever the agent, Region West is authorized.