Annual fire safety statements

 Annual fire safety statements are an essential part of protecting your assets and staff, while remaining compliant.

An annual fire safety statement is a provision of the regulations that requires a building owner or a person acting on their behalf, to confirm the requirements to maintain fire protection systems and equipment. This is achieved by:

  • Confirming and stating that essential fire protection equipment and systems installed in the building are performing as required; and
  • Confirming and stating that when inspected, the building was in appropriate condition regarding provision of fire exits and paths of travel to exit and doors in these paths remain unobstructed.

 In NSW the primary legislation governing fire safety requirements include:

  • Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979; and
  • Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000

Each year the owner of a building to which these requirements apply must ensure that the council where the building is located receives an annual fire safety statement confirming this provision has been met. This statement must also be sent to the Fire Commissioner and displayed in the building.

Region West Fire Control directors have more than 12 years’ experience in auditing and reporting to assist in the annual certification of a sites Essential Fire Safety Measures.

When your site is required to submit an Annual Fire safety Statement we recommend you contact our business to get all the facts to know where you stand.